Cascade Refrigeration Unit

This refrigeration unitis a Multiple-Stage Cascade chiller designed to supply consistent and precise cooling conditions to processes characterized by high temperature differentials. MultiStage takes full advantage of this large temperature differential, allowing the cooling cascade-stages to work with highest evaporation pressures and, therefore, with the maximum possible refrigeration performance (COP/EER), thus achieving unbeatable overall efficiency.
MultiStage is easily installed and connected to process, digitally-synchronized with the processing line and automatically operated by it, delivering with high precision the cooling parameters (coolant temperature and flow rate) pre-programmed by the operator according to the actual demand and adapting the logics of control to the specific requirements of the process according to process status (ON/OFF, RUN/STOP, IDLE or CIP) at any given time.
Optionally MultiStage may also be operated as a "heat-pump" in order to easily achieve heat recovery from cooling loads, by being able to produce hot water (up to 60°C).

  • Multiple-cascade water-cooled refrigeration stages (air-cooled option)
  • Cooling range: -5 to 30°C / Heating range: +35 to 60°C
  • Capacity range: 300 - 2500 kW cooling / heating
  • Coolant flow range: 20 - 150 m3/h
  • Inverter driven high efficiency screw compressors
  • Inverter driven process pumps
  • Stainless steel plate evaporator and condenser
  • Integrated, stainless steel coolant reservoir
  • Web-monitoring / Scada, etc. interfaces
  • Touch screen 15” interface, user friendly


  • Synchronized to Processing line, settings of:
    • Temperature set point and flow rate of coolant
    • System modes: ON, OFF, IDLE, CIP, etc.
  • High repeatability in temperature control
  • High performance (COP) due to multiple-cascade refrigeration
  • Ammonia FREE with low charge of "green" refrigerant gas per stage
  • Modular and expandable up to 5 refrigeration stages (1 standby)
  • Each stage can easily be repaired or replaced in case of failure
  • Super compact, factory tested, plug & play concept
  • Easy to install, operate, maintain or repair
  • Provides “cost of refrigeration” per line/product
  • No water footprint - adiabatic heat rejection
  • Heat recovery - operating as a heat pump (optional)
  • FREE-COOLING mode.


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