Single Stage Refrigeration Unit

Microgel is a single stage compact process chiller designed to supply consistent and precise cooling conditions. It is easily installed and connected to process, digitally-synchronized with the processing line and automatically operated by it, delivering with high precision the cooling parameters (coolant temperature and flow rate) pre-programmed by the operator according to the actual demand and adapting the logics of control to the specific requirements of the process according to process status (ON/OFF, RUN/STOP, IDLE or CIP) at any given time.
Optionally Microgel may also be operated as a "heat-pump" in order to easily achieve heat recovery from cooling loads, by being able to produce hot water (up to 60°C).

  • Single water-cooled refrigeration circuit (air-cooled option)
  • Cooling range: -5 to 90°C; +/- 0.2°C
  • Capacity range: 25 – 600 kW 
  • Coolant flow range: 1 – 150 m3/h
  • Inverter driven rotary compressor
  • Inverter driven process pump
  • Stainless steel plate evaporator and condenser
  • Integrated, stainless steel coolant reservoir
  • Web-monitoring / Scada, etc. interfaces
  • Touch screen 7” interface, user friendly


  • Synchronized to Processing line, settings of:
    • Temperature set point and flow rate of coolant
    • System modes: ON, OFF, IDLE, CIP, etc.
  • High repeatability in temperature control
  • Ammonia FREE with low charge of "green" refrigerant gas
  • Super compact, factory tested, plug & play concept
  • Easy to install, operate, maintain or repair
  • Provides “cost of refrigeration” per line/product
  • No hot air exhaust in ambient
  • No water footprint – adiabatic heat rejection
  • Heat recovery – operating as a heat pump (optional)
  • FREE-COOLING mode.


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